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The Library

Dianna Zimmer, Librarian

Library Hours:  Tuesday - Friday


The MDE library has an excellent collection of materials, and a part-time librarian is assigned to the school three days per week. Parent volunteers help with the daily operation of the Library/Media Center. Each class is scheduled into the library for 30 minutes each week. Students receive instruction in locating and using library materials, using the Internet for research and information, as well as direct experiences with good literature.

Students using the Internet are supervised and must have an “Acceptable Use Agreement ” signed and on file each year.

Our library catalog is available online (link above). Your student can show you how to search for books from home.

Each year, if funds permit, visiting authors come to school. Students have the opportunity of meeting them and learning more about the exciting world of books from them.

The library is open for students at recess, before and after school, and during some lunch periods. Parents may also check out books from our parent/teacher section.

We are thankful for good books and warm places to curl up and read. We are thankful for parents who promote literacy by reading and circulating books to children.

MDE Online Catalog

Clayton Community Library

Online Homework Help, a free online service from the CC Library System


Book Fair:  Get all your books for Christmas, AR reading and - of course - just for fun!!  The Book Fair will be held in the MUR from Nov. 5th - 9th and a spring event from Apr. 15th-19th!


Accelerated Reader (AR) Program

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer-based assessment used to monitor not only the the quantity, but the quality of a student's independent reading. It is a personalized approach that allows each student to progress at her/his own pace and reading ability.

Our school and classroom libraries contain a variety of books for which Accelerated Reader tests can be taken, and more tests are added to this list each year.

AR BookFinder  (find books and book levels)

Renaissance Home Connect  (access your child's quiz or test results)