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Get to Know Ms. Fail

Each time that I update my website with new information (not when I update the assignments section), I will put a new fact about myself here for everyone get to know me a bit better. After reading my site, send in the answer to that question with your child and they will get a small treat from me. That way I know that you have taken the time to read my site, and that you are up to date with what is going on in Room 30. 


One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to go to the movies...especially at that new Veranda theater where you can eat a meal in your seat!!

Melissa Fail

Scholastic Class Code

If you want to order books from Scholastic, using your credit card, then the CLASS CODE: GWV2Q

That takes you directly to my site and orders on the class web page.


If you have Twitter, then you can follow some of the activities that we are doing in our room...just check out @MsFailRoom30

I post activities that we do in our classroom or achievements that are part of Room 30.


You can also follow Mt. Diablo Elementary also @MDEEagles

Remind 101

Do you get my text messages? If you still are missing out on notes and reminders, then you can still sign up. Just text the number 81010 and write @room30n

You will get the latest news and reminders, including when I update my web page. BE INFORMED!


What are we currently studying?



Currently we are reading Island of the Blue Dolphin. This core lit story will be the focus of about 5 weeks of study and will comprise of written tests and Kahoot tests on the chapters that we are reading. I will be reading all the odd chapters to them, and they are responsible for the even chapters. We read and write down the vocabulary that we don't know and use our dictionary skills to look up the words and write them down.

We are also currently working on finishing up our second personal narrative and having to submit it to the district as part of the district writing rubric and test.



We are wrapping up addition and subtraction, and will be starting our multiplication unit after the Thanksgiving holiday break. Kids in this grade need to be able to multiply 4 digit x 2 digit problems. IF your child doesn't know ALL their multiplication facts this UNIT is going to be VERY difficult for them. They really should know through their 12s by this time...and if they don't, they need to practice at home. Use flash cards or an app to strengthen those skills.


 At this point, most children should be on their 11/12s in their multiplication fast facts. We still have several kids that are not that high, and NEED to be practicing those skills at home. This is a left over skill from 3rd grade, and only the 11's and 12's are added in 4th grade. A child that knows their multiplication facts by rote, can do 100 problems in 5 mins...with only up to 4 mistakes. This needs to be worked on at home. 



Currently, we are doing group projects on the Explorers of California. The kids are in groups making a Google slide presentation that they will present to the class on a specific explorer. This will be the first presentation grade they will receive and be responsible for. The first week in December we will start with learning about the Mission system in CA and how they impacted the start of our state.



Your child now goes to Mrs. Osterkamp for science and are learning about sound and light waves. The next rotation will be after Winter break and they will be rotating to Ms. Baker and learning about the Earth and slow and fast changes.



PLEASE be aware that your child HAS homework 4 nights a week and is EXPECTED to read DAILY, 7 days a week. The homework is pretty predictable, with iReady MATH on Mondays for 30+ mins, iReady ELA on Tuesdays for 30+ mins, a Logic page and sometimes a writing assignment on Wednesdays, and IXL on Thursdays. As always there is a spelling packet that they have all week to work on at their own pace, and it is due on Friday. Sometimes in the year, I add in some science/social studies assignments and there will be a couple reports that are added in with due dates to work on at your own pace until the due date. DO NOT let your child tell you there is no homework...since there IS!!!!



In trimester 2, we will be having teams and kids will be expected to keep up with the chapters that their team is reading so that "Team Talks" can happen on the novels they are reading. If they are not caught up on the chapters, then they spend the talk time reading, and not being able to discuss the novel with their team. 


If you child did NOT make their AR goal in the first trimester, then those points were added to their trimester 2 goal. IF they don't make their trimester 2 goal, they will sit on the bench in Trimester 3 until they make up ALL those points. This is a warning that if they continue to not make their goal, that trimester 3 will have a consequence. This gets them ready for 5th grade, where several of the teachers do this in Trimester 1.

Donations We Need...

We, as a class, are looking for a few donations...if you can help out, please do!

Hard Candy: Jolly Rancher, Smarties, Starburst  MUST BE NUT FREE!

Sharpies of all colors for art projects

Ink for an Epson Printer: 127 or 126 black and colors

I also have an Amazon wish list of items for the classroom:











Well, here it is!!!! You can now code anytime you is a new site that will track what you do, save what you do, and show the progress that you are making on You MUST log in with your school Google account to do this.