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E-Learning Resources

MDE Teacher Resources

Click this link to access our additional resources provided by our teaching staff, including Special Education, Music, Garden, and PE. 

Scholastic Learning

Scholastic Learn at Home Program

Scholastic is providing a free educational program for parents to use with their children online for grades PreK through 6th Grade and beyond.

 Each section is already equipped with one week of content for students with 15 additional days on the way.

Each day of content is filled with exciting articles and stories, videos, and fun learning challenges. The students can even go on virtual field trips or meet best-selling authors.

The website provides up to three hours’ worth of content each day and can be completed on any device.

Clever Log-On

There are several apps through your child's clever account that provide additional practice for math, reading, science, social studies, and beyond! Please contact your child's teacher if you need support having your student log-on to their Clever account.

Click here to log-on to CLEVER!

Common Sense Media

A google doc with media resources  and educational apps that benefit students learning when not in the classroom. Click here for the google doc!

Virtual Fieldtrips

Take your child on a virtual tour of places around the world! Each link has activities related to virtually exploring a place in the world!

Click here to access this google doc!

Fun Learning Activities

This PDF has several easy and fun learning activities that students can do from home. Many are tech-free activities to be completed.

Click here for the PDF!

Physical Activities

Need a brain break from working on your lessons at home? Try GoNoodle! This free resource provides many quick active movement videos to get students up and moving for physical activity indoors!

Click Here for GoNoodle! is a digital Early Learning Academy education program for children ages 2–8. You can subscribe free with code school7771.